We realize it may be difficult to trust, however given the chance we're certain you'll be satisfied with our performance and may even make a referral or two!

Noemi Pujols

Public Prep - New York


Erica is a great listener and an amazing resource for my recruitment work. Together, we were able to tap into strong tactics and think of ways to enhance them in multiple ways. The best takeaway from my training is that the key to family engagement is to be organic and that a lot of the tactics can be free! 

Meagan Tracey

New Heights Charter School - Massachusetts


When I was first promoted to Director of Operations, I was extremely nervous as I had not done this job previously. My Executive Director allowed to take Ms. Minor's professional development to support my growth into the role. During the PD, I was able to re-imagine what I believed it meant to be a Director of Operations. It allowed me to become confident with the other members of the Executive Leadership team and to own my directors title. Through the PD she ran, I developed relationships with new schools outside of my district, I was able to develop a comprehensive job description for myself and for the members of my growing department. She is very knowledgeable about Operations as a whole and all of its nuances. I am a much stronger first year director because of it and have been able to better face the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19 because of her work in preparing me to lead. Thank you Ms. Minor!

Dezcehll Rodriguez

Public Prep - New York


Erica has been a pure joy to work with.  Erica is pleasant, knowledgeable, resourceful and empowering.  She has been a great thought partner and an amazing listener.  Whenever there is an idea I have but have trouble putting the right words together, she supports me with getting my vision out.  Erica’s superior knowledge of operations has given me tools I need to be continuously successful in school operations. I am beyond grateful for the confidence she gives me to push forward during hard times. 

Gisell Sierra

Brilla Veritas - New York


As a new Operations Manager I learned a lot about operations from a different perspective.  I also appreciated Erica's ability to give adequate space for questions and concerns. She showed good flexibility and manoeuvrability and responded to the group energy. 

Winsome Warden

St. Hope Leadership Academy - New York


Working with Erica has been an absolutely pleasure as she brings fresh eyes and a new perspective to how we were recruiting for our scholars. With her guidance we have been able to better showcase what our school community does best. Our recruitment campaign has been more impactful and we have seen an increase from past years. --Ms. Winsome Warden, Director of Operations, St HOPE Leadership Academy Charter Middle School.

Stephanie Frias 

Brilla Schools Network - New York


As the Enrollment and Outreach manager, Erica did a fantastic job weaving the roles of the recruitment staff with operations.  Erica made us want to learn the days in and out and set rules for the operation's teams internally and externally. Erica's presentation was informative as well as a lot of fun with her PowerPoint presentation, worksheets, and Trivia games, which gave us the ability to talk amongst ourselves and ask numerous questions. Thank you Erica for all that you did. 

Jillian Gomes

Alma Del Mar Charter School - Massachusetts


I had the pleasure of attending an Operations PD led by Erica this winter and I was absolutely blown away!  Erica provided me with many useful tools that I have started to implement at my school. I look forward to attending many more of Erica's workshops.

Enrique Romero

Amber Charter School - New York


Attending Premier Schools Operations professional development with Erica proved to be a great resource. Erica provides a direct insight into the operations / recruitment side of schools which was very useful. Erica is aware of the lack of development resources for Ops / recruitment minded staff members in schools and is doing a great job to bridge that gap. Especially if you have any new members transitioning from instructional roles into operational roles, consider sending them to one of  Premier Schools Operations professional developments.

Meghann Persenaire

St. Hope Leadership Academy Charter School - New York


We are a small, stand-alone charter school without a team solely dedicated to new student recruitment and enrollment. Like many other stand-alone charter schools, we come together and do whatever it takes to get the job done. At times, though, in a school community saturated with charter schools, a few of the big networks, it can feel a bit like David and Goliath. Erica Minor brought her extensive experience in student recruitment and enrollment, sat down this us, and walked us through how we could still get the job done. In addition, she customized a replicable plan for us and has offered ongoing support as we execute that plan.

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