Our School Operations Training

PSO school operation training is designed for new, emerging and established school operation professionals.  Our goal is to develop the skills, strategies and resources they need in order to efficiently and effectively support their school leaders, communities, students and families.


Our training covers all aspects of school operations with A focus on:

  • Time and Task management

  • Relationship Building

  • Supply Procurement

  • Student Recruitment and Enrollment

  • Community Engagement

  • Assessment Planning and Execution

  • Transportation

  • Operation Team Management

  • Event Planning

  • School Culture 

Student Recruitment 

  • Develop student recruitment and enrollment plans outlining tasks to complete throughout the entire cycle

  • Analyze data from previous years to determine the best marketing and outreach strategies 

  • Coach/train team members on how to effectively market your brand and school to potential families

Operational Planning & Systems

  • Create sustainable operational systems 

  • Develop partnerships with charter schools to outline extensive plans to include monthly priorities for operational teams

  • Serve as a thought partner with Operational Leaders to develop systems that support the mission of their school community 

Operational Leadership Training

  • Group training with a focus on the role of an excellent Operational Leader, the management of a team and managing up.

  • Coach/train new school Operational Leaders with a focus on relationship building, sustaining school-wide systems and team management

Professional Group Development

  • School-based professional group development available for all topics related to school operations.

  • Monthly sessions available in NYC, Philadelphia, Boston, District of Columbia, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco and New Orleans.

Individual Coaching

  • Coaching available for operational staff to support with time and task management, relationship building, systems planning, management and other ops related topics.

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